World Events Management is a talent management company in Dubai

Talent Management Company in Dubai

Sustainability policies related to the environment have been issued by Federal and State (seven Emirates) organizations in the United Arab Emirates for over a decade, while talent management policies are much less prevalent.

Talent Management

There is a large number of government rules and regulations in planning, talent management, and the environment, so many companies in industries such as real estate, tourism, and logistics are acquainted with compliance and consultation with government authorities.
Talent Management


In talent management, there are considerably fewer rules and regulations that exist in the field of the environment. Talent management as a managerial and organizational initiative has been promulgated in the UAE through a large number of workshops and conferences involving an extensive number of cross-sectoral stakeholders.

UAE Labor Law

Further, a wide variety of issues related to employment, and more indirectly to human resource management and talent management, is elaborated in UAE labor law and national and emirate strategies on key agenda issues for the next 10-15 years.

But don’t worry, being an authorized events & exhibition organizing company from the department of economic development government Dubai.

We do have a dedicated event and artist & talent management approval portal access from the government where we can acquire required approval and permission from the Department of Commerce and Marketing Dubai and other authorities. World Events Management can get permission for all types of events.

This allows the company to provide legalized staff for events, exhibitions, marketing services, promotions, advertising campaigns, and more.

Artist & Talent Management Company

World Events Management is a leading artist & talent management company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. our company supports local businesses, large corporates, event management agencies, and private individuals with a wide range of staffing and talent supply services.

From energetic DJ sets to show-stopping bands and culturally relevant performances, World Events Management provides the best musicians in the UAE for every type of event and hotel residency.

From breathtaking, glamorous dances to burning hot juggling performances, WEM talent management company’s catalog of entertainers will make each performance unforgettable.

Ensure each event has flawless sound by booking World Events Management’s in-house sound experts and equipment.

Rehearsal spaces with equipment available including drum kit, digital piano, amps, PA, microphones, and DJ set-up for rehearsals, recordings, photo-shoots, and more.

Our clients range from beginner musicians and ‘garage’ bands to professional award-winning performing musicians, bands, and DJs.

WEM team consists of industry experts with extensive experience in music, entertainment, and performance. Our team has an inherent understanding of what makes a good event ‘great‘ with our passion, knowledge, and understanding of the industry.
Talent Management Company

World Events Management

We understand clients’ dynamic requirements from concept planning through to the last note being played. WEM works with and represents a diverse talent pool of locally-based and international artists catering to every client requirement.

World Events Management will also include some feature information on locally-based artists who are tipping the edge in some way with their musicality, bringing new and innovative musical experiences to clients.

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