Events & Performance Permission in Dubai

Events & Performance Permission.

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) is the primary authority responsible for licensing tourism and events in Dubai. DTCM Events & Performance Permission, plan, oversee, and develop the marketing of Dubai as a premier tourist destination.


Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing also promotes and markets the emirate’s business sector and is responsible for the licensing and classification of all tourism services such as hotels, tour operators, travel agencies, and other tourism services.
Events & Performance Permission

To ensure a high level of experience for all visitors at all tourism contact points, the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) encourages the development of the Dubai tourism industry through appropriate regulation and supervision.

World Events Management

World events management team brings you convenience and efficiency in an attractive package to obtain different permits like exhibition booth, artist and talent management, event production, performance authorization, permit event, etc.

Now you can just relax while our experienced professionals handle the entire application process from start to finish.

Are you organizing an event in Dubai? Opening of an exhibition and you want to get an exhibition stand? Looking for the artist and talent management company for your event entertainment? Then you need a license from Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) Dubai.

Apart from this, you should know that the government and the Municipality of Dubai have established a series of rules and regulations that each applicant must confirm to obtain a license for the mentioned service.

Thanks to years of experience in this field, World Events Management is capable of this realization from the first try. Since a new request would only waste precious time, our staff streamline the entire process for rapid approval.

Usually, it takes around 1-14 days for Dubai Municipality or Civil Defense to come back to you with a yes or no. Our quick thinking prevents any interruption in your event planning calendar.

The services offered by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM Dubai) and the requirements are listed below:

DTCM event permit

For any show or performance, DTCM requires exact details of the show, including, but not limited to, the names of the artists and participants.

All live performances require permits/authorizations issued by the DTCM offices. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that these are in place.

The Licensee must submit the documentation required for this request no later than fifteen (15) days before the first promotion or ticket sale date of the event.

The hotel reserves the right to cancel the event if DTCM permissions are not in place, copies having been submitted to the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM Dubai) offices.

Requirements for the DTCM Events & Performance Permission

The only help we ask from our valued customers is that they provide our staff with the necessary information that should be included in the inquiry form. This compilation consists of documents as well as data.

The exact requirements vary by type of event, which is why we clarify all important points before the start. The DTCM Events & Performance Permission application can be completed and submitted online with the required documents on the official website.

The main documents required for DTCM Dubai are:

  • NOC Letter from the venue with details of the event and maximum capacity
  • a copy of the event owner’s passport, an Emirates ID card and a trade license of the company
  • Passport and photocopies of each artist if not yet registered on the system in case of entertainment events.
  • Information on tickets (categories, price types and seat map) for the event with ticket/registration
  • Passport number and date of birth of each speaker, photocopy of UAE ID card if UAE resident if it is a business event.
  • For professional events, the “Conference Management, and Exhibitions Organizing” activity must be present under a trade license.
  • In case of charity event Copy of one form of advertising material (if necessary) List of photos of auctioned items (if applicable)
Events & Performance Permission in Dubai

World Events Management helps you to obtain DTCM Events & Performance Permission for all types of events in Dubai. We are one of the best entertainment companies in Dubai with our services, you can relax and unwind as we are committed to simplifying the approval process for all types of events.

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