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World Events Management specializes in representing artists, managing and producing events, as well as promotion and marketing services to a wide range of local, national, and international clients around the world.

WEM is an artist & talent management company in Dubai, that offers bespoke representation to an elite group of artists in Theatre, Musical Theatre, Film, Television, Commercials & Radio.

Artist & Talent Management Company
Artist & Talent Management Company

Entertainment Industry

We represent all artists who are ready to launch their careers in the entertainment industry and we welcome all musical genres.

We strive to carry out exciting and stimulating projects, making the impossible possible, under the highest pressure, this is what keeps us going. Whether it’s a fundraising dinner, a concert, a ball, a festival, etc., we can help you plan it, stage it, and promote it.

With you, we develop a successful marketing and promotion strategy for your artist. Our team is made up of experienced staff in event management and production services.

We work alongside our artists and labels to help them reach their goals, adhering to their needs, and adapting our services accordingly. WEM understands that flexibility is essential in a diverse and evolving digital market.

We organize special events for some of the world’s most trusted brands in the music industry. Our main goal is to recruit emerging artists in the music industry.

As we strive to redefine Dubai downhill entertainment, your priority is number one in mind. The only objective of World Events Management is to develop and represent serious musicians, performers, and artists who are passionate about the brand.

Our Mission

Our mission is to listen and learn how to better meet and exceed the needs of our customers, clients, and clients. WEM’s mission is to provide our clients with in-depth individual career guidance and management in all facets of the entertainment industry. We focus on the specific needs and niches of each artist and guide their careers appropriately.

Taking advantage of our size, our experience, and our expertise, we can negotiate the best service offers for our rights holders with business partners. By guaranteeing a collaborative approach, we state this in our partner relationship to guarantee a fair distribution of income.

Thanks to our advanced technology and our reports, we have always strived to be a completely transparent company. We provide unrivaled sales statistics and stay at the forefront when integrating with new services and making this data available as quickly as possible.

Communicating with our artists and labels is an integral part of us, sharing market information and remaining open to our research and developments. We are increasing market awareness for artists and their products such as DVDs and CDs.

Each artist is a unique individual and will receive a personalized offer, adapted to perfectly meet their requirements. Please contact us directly to find out what the Impresario can do for your continued and growing success.

Artist & Talent Management Company
Talent Management Company

World Events Management

For more information on what we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Based on long-term experience and skills, we know how to organize and promote a medium and large-scale event.

We are there – for you and your artist 24/7. For more information on what we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact World Events Management.

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