We offer full-stack Digital Marketing services in Dubai

Digital Marketing

We are a Digital Marketing Company based in Dubai. We offer a full stack of digital marketing services, from strategy to channel management, from ads to creative.

Including full content creation services by our in-house graphic design and video editing team, and specialized services for recording artists, such as playlist pitch.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Act as Consultants

We can act as consultants, develop and execute a strategy for your campaign or anything in between. Our customers include consumer brands, music festivals, artistic, media, and sports talent, record companies, and performers.

We adapt to your requirements, your budget, and your objectives. At World Events Management, we will work with you to define your online strategy and digital marketing goals, integrating them with your broader business goals.

We are flexible and we will adapt to your needs, from the identification of objectives to the execution of the digital plan, we adapt each campaign to the client and deliver results.

WEM will find and target relevant audiences, with content that will resonate with them and drive engagement, with comprehensive social channels and available community management services, including CRM.

We can define common parameters on your existing market base and extrapolate these characteristics to increase your target audience.

World Events Management will strengthen your online presence, creating the right content for the right platforms, which will influence your subscribers and enable growth and acquisition.

We can also manage social channels on your behalf and keep your online community growing as we feed the conversations that take place on those channels.

Our team will help you define an extraordinary creative direction and translate it into visual assets that will resonate with your audience. Our creative services range from photography to video creation and editing, from graphics to social resources.

And if you need a complex creation that will be at the center of your campaign, we have a large network of visual creators to whom we can outsource your briefing.

Social Media Influencers

From websites to social media posts, videos, and photoshoots to innovative apps and activations. Mailers, abbreviated content, visual identity for social networks… you name it! Social media influencers have become a key part of any digital marketing campaign.

World Events Management can develop influencer marketing campaigns for you, identifying the perfect content creators that will deliver on-brand assets and will increase the reach of the brand or talent.

Having worked with a wealth of talent, World Events Management has gained extensive experience ranging across the music, entertainment, sports, and retail industries.

Our knowledge allows us to adapt to individual cases and create bespoke strategies to meet our clients’ diverse needs.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Company

360 Digital Marketing Strategy​

While some brands commission us to cover specialist influencer marketing tasks and require us to develop and execute a 360 digital marketing strategy, which can be implemented in their marketing campaign.

​We are eager to provide you with the right recommendations, effective pricing, and transparency in our service delivery. World Events Management invites you to request a free quote for digital marketing and web design today and to receive your proposal as soon as possible.

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